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Scott Honeycutt

3d Artist

My name is Scott, and I have been creating 3d graphics for over ten years now, with the ultimate goal of working in the video game industry. I grew up drawing pictures and playing video games, and now I can't help but put the two together as a dream career! I've completed a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from Kent State, studying graphic design and illustration, which broadened my skills and my eye as an artist. While those skills are indeed valuable, I keep engaging my fundamental desire to make 3d game graphics not only my passion, but my career! Please contact me at so we can discuss what I can do for you as a member of your art team. Thanks!

-Scott Honeycutt


• Overcoming tight and unexpected deadlines
• Embracing creative direction and following team-wide standards
• Engaging in constructive critique between fellow artists for the benefit of the team
• Performing constant, last minute and challenging art changes based on the project’s needs
• Clear verbal and written communication
• A keen eye for detail to perform accurate mesh and material definition
• Developing sculpts, high poly and low poly 3d models with tri-count optimization
• Designing efficient UV layouts, effective smoothing groups and clean normal map bakes, without the need to paint out errors
• Painting textures and materials in 2d and 3d applications with next gen software
• Building physically based rendering setups with albedo, roughness and metalness
• Arranging dynamic lighting setups


My work has been featured on and


Kent State University: Visual Communication Design (BA) 2014
Stark State College: Interactive Media Technology (AAS) 2008